Seed Dispersal: Mapping

Translating serial data from the GPS while using the body to draw a route and collect seeds of non-native invasive plant species. This data will be converted to music through a custom software to interpret the data. NYC is the stage for the complex relationships that occur in history, politics, populations and ecology. The seeds collected are used to create more projects.

Typical methods of seed dispersal in nature include: by wind, animals, water, gravity/bursting, and humans. See the Spontaneous Urban Vegetation (aka Invasive Species) page for updates on plants found.

This project begins on September 11, 2011 at Battery Park City (for 3 reasons: the 10th anniversary of September 11, prior to this event the last attack on US soil was Pearl Harbor which resulted in the Japanese American internment camps; Agnes Denes’ Wheatfield 1982, and the harvest moon) and continues through the full duration of the ProfileUS: Invasive Species project using the 5 boroughs of NYC as the canvas to draw upon.

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